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Blue Galaxy Mask
100% Cotton, nylon

100% Cotton reusable mask for 2020 and beyond!

Masks are available in Adult/teen and Large Adult
When ordering through Paypal, please specify the size you would like.

With each purchase you are supporting the USPS!

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When your mask arrives wash in WARM/HOT water, always!! Can be thrown into the dryer or line dried. I like to iron my masks to get the wrinkles out, but you don't have to.
The ties come very LONG so you can adjust them after you wash your mask. You can easily fit the mask to your face and knot the ties to fit. Make sure you pull very tight on your final knot. Make it count! Then snip the ends. The nylon is so much softer on the backs of the ears. The elastic was killing me and I found this is a better solution.